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Many people serve the poor in Flint, but they can’t do it alone. The poor in Flint are our brothers and sisters and their circumstances cry out for our love and compassion.



Please consider in your prayers these intentions from real people in Flint.

  • Pray for my kids. We need food. 

  • My son needs help. He is starting college and I can't help him. Please say a prayer. 

  • Pray for my family and to bring me closer to God. 

  • My son went to the phone store and was shot in the head. Also for my husband's Alzheimer's. 

  • Pray that Patty is released from prison for her illness, that Sheryl has a healthy baby, and that it's mine. 

  • God, help me see things your way, not mine. Please bless my entire family. 

  • Pray for this world. Thank you, God, for keeping us safe. 

  • God I love you. I am not perfect, but I love you and want to do your will. 

  • Pray for me to keep the faith during these struggling times.

  • Pray to give me strength. My 17 year old daughter is pregnant. I am a mother of five, and it is hard enough.

  • Oh Father God, I ask you to help us, we are going through some things. 

  • Better Christian attitude. I pray for patience, humility and to smile more. I am happy in the Lord.

  • Please keep my family safe and away from harm.

  • My family, faith, and for my friends. 

  • Well being, peace, tranquility. 

  • Prayers for better days.

  • I ask for prayers for financial blessings, for housing away from negative people.

  • To keep me from drinking, and to get my life together, and to find a home.

  • Pray for Mama and Daddy. Oh, Father God, I ask, if you love me.

  • I ask you to help me and my family out. For my Granny, Mama, Paw Paw, Daddy and cousins.

  • Pray for my life, at times I feel lost.

  • I want prayers for my oldest son who hates me. And for my son in prison.

  • Oh Father God, I ask you to help us we are going through some things.

  • Pray for my strength in the Lord that I continue to do his will and that my children get back to church.

  • Please keep my family safe and away from harm.

  • Please pray for Flint and the families that are here. Please help me get to where I should be.

  • Please, Father God, I pray that you heal my leg.

  • My mother’s heart surgery.

  • He asks that we pray for the homeless, sick and suffering children, families.

  • “To be delivered from drugs, that I stay in the church”

  • “I need the right church”

  • “I pray for my wife to come back to me, I miss her so much”

  • “For the forgotten people, like me”

  • “That I can be delivered from smoking, in the name of Jesus.”

  • “I pray for sobriety”

  • “I want my past to stop haunting me, I don’t know how to give to God. I want to be a better mother.”

  • “For my son who is locked up in prison. I want him to come home soon, and for peace in my family.”

  • “Special prayers for my grandfather and for me to be a better person than I was yesterday.”

  • “I just need some guidance, Lord.”

  • “For my son, they found pancreatic cancer"

  • “For my daughter that has been ruined.  She was raped by her father at 15 and she’s started using crack. Help her find her way to Jesus.”

  • “Thank you God that my husband’s tests didn’t show any cancer.”

  • “My family that we get the house we looked at.”

  • “I pray for the ones who are without a shelter
    and food. May God watch over them.”

  • “Lord, release me from this toxic relationship
    before it kills me”

  • “Peace for me and my son”

  • “God, please help me and my family have somewhere to live and make a life in your name”

  • “For my son and his foster parents”

  • “To be able to repent, and to help me and my family”

  • “That Jesus keeps his arms around me and leads me to do His will”

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Want to make a difference in Flint? Consider volunteering your time with a charitable organization or coordinating a youth group or volunteer project.

Catholic Charities of Shiawassee
and Genesee Counties
Center for Hope

Provides the full range of social services and outreach to the poor.

Learn more about volunteering at Catholic Charities

St Luke's N.E.W. Life Center

Assists women to regain control of their lives and make a fresh start.

Learn more about volunteering at St. Luke N.E.W. Life Center

Faith In Flint

The Catholic Church in Flint includes five parishes, two schools
and a prayer/retreat center.

Volunteers are needed to:
Adopt-a-Student at St. John Vianney grade school
Become a mentor to a child in need of academic encouragement and support
Organize a youth group for a neighborhood clean up project

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upcoming volunteer opportunities in Flint.



FAITH in Flint — one year later

FAITH in Flint — one year later